Have you ever wondered how to buy stocks online? Are you interested in online stock trading and learn how to buy and trade stocks? If any of your answers are yes then trust me you are at the right place. Investing in the stock market can be a great and a smart way to have your money make money and to also work less and earn more and to also become financially independent, particularly in a modern era where savings accounts and long-term banknotes do not offer any significant returns.

As you may be aware that no investment venture is risk-free, and that stock trading is no exception. Stock trading is not just buying and selling stocks at the stock market.  There are so many factors that need to be taken care of for successful stock trading, and that’s where we come in to equip you with all the necessary tools to make you a better and successful trader.


Our Stock Education Covers The Following Types Of Trading;


Intraday trading

With this type of trading, the trader will buy and sell stocks within seconds, minutes, or hours taking advantage of small price moves. Day trading is divided into two categories and they include scalpers and momentum traders.

Swing Trading.

In swing trading, the traders will have longer time horizon compared to the day trading to hold the position in the stock. Swing trader will also attempt to predict any short-term fluctuation in the prices. However, swing trader can hold stocks for more than one day, unlike the intraday traders.

Short and Long-Term Trading.

In this, the trade period will be from one day to a few weeks. In this trading, the stock is bought and it is held in position for up to few weeks. The execution of this type of trade can be based on either Fundamental or Technical Analysis.